The 2020 Global Coworking Growth Study recently revealed that around 5 million of us will be working from coworking spaces by 2024 – that’s a 158% increase on this year. So how can your business embrace the transition in a time where change is equally as daunting as it is necessary? Flexible drop-in workspaces are providing the foundations for post-pandemic commercial success.

Staying afloat throughout the Covid-19 crisis has very much relied on collaborations from all areas of the community and the commercial world; from distilleries teaming up with scientists to provide hand sanitiser to business owners seeking crafty fingers to arm their workforce with masks, interconnectedness has never been more important. There is one inevitable merge however that many businessowners are struggling to get their head around – how one can go forward in post-pandemic conditions, whilst maintaining a pre-crisis performance.

Luckily, Spacemize has already given this much thought, devising the ultimate collaboration which prioritises workplace productivity and the economy alike. Revolutionising the way in which business and hospitality can interact, Spacemize proves that distance from the office need not mean disconnection from the office. And like sanitiser and sewing machines, all good things come in pairs, right?

Sanitiser and face masks are not the only things an employer needs to arm their workforce with; structure, flexibility and control are just some of the things necessary for workers to feel empowered in adjusting to the new ‘normal’. With the Spacemize app, employees really are armed with access to safe and flexible workspaces at the touch of a button. Drop-in workspaces are the epitome of connectedness and adapting to the universal challenge whilst remaining apart and this is a shared responsibility between employers and employees wishing to claim back the working day – even if this must happen remotely. Co-working is an immediate solution with a long-term series of benefits that will allow us all to thrive after a pandemic.

Although daunting therefore, this change is both welcome and exciting. Flexibility is sure to become an employee expectation going forwards and workspace revolution is the key to employee wellbeing.

Why not secure yourself the next best collaboration? Your company and Spacemize, the UK’s fastest growing mobile workspace platform in the hospitality sector. Make co-working work for you.